Learn All About The Beautifully Titled: TYLER PERRY PRESENTS PEEPLES

Thus begins Tyler Perry's next great experiment.

EW has a brief piece today on May's upcoming Tyler Perry Presents Peeples, a movie I've heard very little about. In fact, last time I checked, it had a different name: Tyler Perry Presents We the Peeples.

That right there is already kind of amazing. Tyler Perry must have discovered that if you make the non-"Tyler Perry" part of a title completely nonsensical, it forces people to say the complete title as intended, "Tyler Perry" part included. No one says they're watching Tyler Perry's The Family that Preys. And now neither will anyone ever say they're watching simply Peeples. Diabolical.

As the title indicates (but only if you read each word carefully which Tyler Perry probably hopes isn't the case) Tyler Perry Presents Peeples is not actually a Tyler Perry film but rather a Tyler Perry presentation. The film is directed by a lady, Tina Gordon Chism, writer of ATL and Drumline.

This is noteworthy because unlike Precious, Tyler Perry Presents Peeples appears to be an attempt on Perry's part to keep feeding the gigantic industry he's created without having to make a new film every four-six months. If he can farm out his name to directors willing to stay within his brand's aesthetic, then the entire empire need not rest solely on his shoulders.

We'll just have to wait and see how all that works out for him. The film (which was actually filmed quite some time ago) stars Django Unchained's Kerry Washington (this isn't her first Tyler Perry rodeo - she was also featured in For Colored Girls) as a high class lady who has yet to introduce her medium class boyfriend, Wade (played by Craig Robinson who also showed up in Daddy's Little Girls), to her family. After a year and a half, he's real bent out of shape about it. So when she asks him not to come along on her trip home for some weird, annual Peeples family tradition called "Moby Dick Day" he invites himself and, one assumes, fucks shit up. Just to reiterate: "Moby Dick Day."

So basically, this'll be a slob versus snobs kind of thing, well worn territory for the Perry camp. We won't know how much Tyler Perry has influenced this film until we can see exactly how hateful and abhorrent the rich mom is. She'll have to be pretty damn awful to live up to Perry's usual standards, though. I can't wait. Obviously, I hope this leads to all kinds of new Tyler Perry goodness. But as Jumping the Broom proved, it's not so easy to copy the master.