Watch Oscar Nominated SIMPSONS Short “The Longest Daycare”

It's no "Paperman," but still.

I want to show up and act like I love The Simpsons, but the fact is I haven't watched a new episode in years, and the last one I did see shocked me with how little of the show I recognized, tonally.

So just pretend I'm your lame grandmother who has no idea what you're talking about when you mention this strange show with yellow people called The Simpsons. Even old dumbasses such as myself can enjoy a nice animated short.

Given that it's dialogue free and under four minutes long, I'm not sure why "The Longest Daycare" needed six writers, but this brief narrative in which Maggie Simpson protects an innocent life from the mean and cruel Baby Gerald offers a quite wonderful and sweet short film nevertheless. Apparently the short's origin was as consolation for anyone who had to watch Ice Age: Continental Drift. Now it's Oscar nomination has freed it from such nefarious associations.

Watch it, fall in love with it, and yet still get angry with it if it somehow beats "The Paperman" this Sunday.