Justin Lin Takes On Yet Another New Project

This one does not inspire much confidence.

Justin Lin is awesome. Even if you don't like his big, dumb action films, you have to respect the guy for the three Community episodes he directed.

Lin is also a guy who's name has been attached to many different projects. Today he adds one more. Warner Bros has just won the screen rights to a yet unpublished and untitled work of fiction from author Patrick Lee with Lin attached to direct.

The novel will supposedly kick off a new franchise about some badass named Sam Dryden who "runs into a mysterious girl who is not quite what she seems, and he embarks on a journey to keep her safe from a powerful government agent intent on hunting her down."

I challenge you to come up with a more generic synopsis that that. I bet you 100 million spacebucks the eventual movie is simply called Sam Dryden.

I'm not exactly excited for the film, but I like Justin Lin. Maybe he can make it worth seeing. I would much prefer he focus instead on the Lone Wolf and Cub adaptation he attached himself to a year ago, but that project does not yet seem done cooking. They'll pull it out of the oven when it's about a single mother who has to juggle kids, dating, and a career in today's workaday world.