Trailer For Wesley Snipes’ GALLOWWALKERS Sells A Gory Cheesefest

It's no HOLY MOTORS, but it'll do.

I've been told that I lower the level of discourse around here. I'd love to defend myself, but how can I when this is the stuff I choose to report?

Gallowwalkers is a film I've heard a little about here and there, but I wasn't prepared for the trailer to be so fun and goofy. Wesley Snipes more or less reprises his Blade persona for a Western in which he rips the heads (and spines!) off cowboy deadites (one of whom goes around head-butting things with his big, spiky helmet). What's not to like?

Gallowwalkers will be distributed in North America by Wrekin Hill Entertainment, which means it could get a theatrical release but probably won't. Either way it doesn't have a release date at the moment, so don't run off to your nearest Redbox just yet.

You'll have to watch the trailer for yourself to decide if this is the kind of thing you either can't wait to watch or can't wait to make fun of. Personally, if were judging by trailers alone, I'd rather see this ten times than see The Lone Ranger once.