HEADHUNTERS’ Akse Hennie To Join HERCULES’ Posse

Whether he'll be a twerp or a badass remains to be seen.

I write this story not because I have some devoted enthusiasm for Brett Ratner and The Rock's upcoming Hercules, one of two Hercules films we have coming our way, but because the film's newly added cast member, Akse Hennie, was in a really good movie that came out last year called Headhunters. It's on Netflix Instant, and I highly recommend it if you're into fun, fast-paced thrillers.

Hennie has been cast as one of Hercules' six homeboys. If you remember, Ratner and Rock's Herclules sees the ancient warrior as kind of a ronin taking odd jobs to make ends meet. He and his crew learn the guy they work for is a jerk and team up to take him out. Hennie marks the first of Hercules' team to get paired with an actor, but I imagine the rest will probably also end up equally well cast. Brett Ratner doesn't seem to have a problem getting good people to be in his films. Tower Heist totally had Alan Alda in it. Alan Alda!

I really like Aksel Hennie a lot because he perfectly walks the line between annoying little pipsqueak and scary badass. He just finished filming on another big American film, The Last Knights, where he co-stars with Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman, so I guess his invasion of our American way of life has already begun.

Hercules begins filming this year for an August 8, 2014 release.