Adam Sandler To Make Another Of His George Simmons Movies

Saathoff summarizes Sandler.

When you get right down to it, there are only a few different kinds of Adam Sandler movies. You have the all-out comedies, like Little Nicky and You Don't Mess With the Zohan. Then there are the indie dramas such as Spanglish and Punch Drunk Love. But after that, all we have left are the Drew Barrymore movies. Sometimes Drew Barrymore is played by other ladies. Also, sometimes Drew Barrymore is a mom and it's a family romantic comedy. And sometimes I research the most painless ways to commit suicide.

It's been a while since the last Sandler-Barrymore pairing, so it's high time they went in for another classic dance. Hollywood Gener-o-bot 1,000 has yet to spit out a title for this specific project, but they could probably just give it a random number and people would still see it. We do have a synopsis:

After a disastrous blind date, Jim and Lauren find themselves, each with their kids from a previous marriage, stuck together in a resort for families. Despite everything they can do to resist, the attraction grows between the two, and their kids benefit from the growing relationship.

This is news is because this unnamed romantic comedy has taken Sandler priority and thus pushed back production on his upcoming comedy western that isn't Seth MacFarlane's comedy western. More than anything, it gives me opportunity to opine.

Happy Gilmore dictates that I always have a soft spot for Adam Sandler. Even though he often makes really shitty movies, they tend to have a weird performance or two to keep things worth staying seated for (not Nick Swardson). These Drew Barrymore ones, however, are the worst. I know most people would disagree, but I'd rather watch Little Nicky than The Wedding Singer every day of the week. At least in the non-Barrymore movies, Sandler's still beating people up and sometimes even swearing.

Barrymore hasn't signed on to the role yet, by the way. But she probably will soon. Or some other cute lady from the 1980s will do it. Or maybe it will be John Turturro like I've always dreamed.