Bobcat Goldthwait’s Next A Found Footage Bigfoot Movie

Like a sequel to TROLL HUNTER but with more hatred for the human race.

Ever since Bobcat Goldthwait hit the scene, it seemed inevitable that he would someday direct a found footage movie about Bigfoot. We didn't even know what a found footage movie was back then, but we knew he was destined to make one. Looks like fate has finally played its hand.

Bob Goldwaith's next film will be Willow Creek, a found footage movie about Bigfoot. I think it's safe to say it won't be a normal found footage film, nor will it be your everyday Bigfoot movie.

Bleeding Cool reports that Willow Creek will center more around whether or not Bigfoot exists than on the beast itself. It all has something to do with "exploring the idea of bearing witness," which likely means the film will make fun of cryptozoological hicks. I'm all for that, though when I imagine it in my head I see more of a mockumentary than a found footage film. I'm excited to see why I'm wrong about that.

This is good news because because Bobcat Goldthwait seems more capable than others of actually doing something interesting with the found footage device. If he went after it, he must have had some good idea pushing him in that direction. I used to have enthusiasm for the gimmick before a gazillion movies that are 95% boring talking parts and 5% shadow jump scares ruined me.

Whatever it is, you can count on a dearth of sentiment. Sometimes that's all a director needs. This came together extremely fast, so perhaps we'll see a trailer before long.