Cool Art Print Envisions A Magazine In BLADE RUNNER’s World

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Back in June we showed you Tim Anderson's cool pulp versions of scifi classics, one of which was a killer Blade Runner. He's back in Blade Runner territory now with this piece, which is a print magazine that might exist in that movie's version of 2019. Talking to Poster Collective, Anderson says:

I’ve always really loved the optimism of popular forward-thinking technology magazines like Popular Science, especially those during the post-WWII era. They seem so excited to highlight technologies they foresaw for the future, and while their track record was kind of hit-or-miss, that pride and optimism has always left an impression on me. I thought that tone and visual style would be perfect for showing off a form of technology that– for us– is still in the distant future (nevermind the dystopian tone of the film or the fact that it takes place only 6 years from now). A magazine cover also presents many opportunities for including lots of easter eggs for the other avid Blade Runner fans.

You can buy a print at Anderson's store by clicking here.