Gallon Smashing: The Video Sensation Out To Destroy Harlem Shake

This is going to infuriate some of you.

I love this. I know that the comments are going to be filled with people decrying the destructive aspects of 'Gallon Smashing,' and they're not wrong, but there's so much that's great about this concept. There's a level of straight up slapstick comedy that is incredible. This kid (is it the same kid every time? I think it might be) has the moves of a silent comedy star. I like that the prank isn't necessarily about getting other people wet or anything (although that happens, as is the unpredictable nature of smashing gallons of milk). And I like that this guy seems to be in his teens - exactly the right age to be doing stupid, destructive, anti-social prank behavior. When frat boys start doing this it won't be funny. 

Anyway, argue about it in the comments. I'll be watching again and laughing my ass off. I'll be also laughing when they get straight up arrested for vandalism, but you don't do the prank crime if you can't serve the minimal juvie time. 

Thanks to Greg MacLennan for posting this!