HBO’s Boring GAME OF THRONES Poster Somehow Thrills

Nobody is lazier with promo than HBO's GAME OF THRONES.

HBO's promo stuff for Game of Thrones is terrible. There have been a couple of wonderful things - Ned Stark on the Iron Throne for season one, and Ned's head on a pike for season two, although many whined about that being a spoiler - but in general their posters and teasers are just awful. Think about those teasers that have people speaking unimportant lines over random footage. The laziest. And this latest one, with a dragon shadow on a generic marble background? ROTTEN.

And yet I'm totally pumped. I won't be hanging this garbage on my wall, but I look at it and I can't wait for the end of March so I can get back to Westeros. I bet it's working on you guys too. 

HBO: proving promotional materials don't have to be any good at all.