Matthew Vaughn To Produce FANTASTIC FOUR

Josh Trank remains on as director. 

It was announced today that Matthew Vaughn was joining the Fantastic Four team as a producer on the Fox film. Don't worry - Chronicle's Josh Trank is still in the director's chair.

What does this mean? Not much in a real sense, I think, but for Trank it's great news. Fox remains a difficult place to get good creative work done, and a strong producer helps navigate treachorous studio waters. Vaughn is a great producer, the kind of guy who really goes to the mat for his director. It's fitting that Vaughn's first producing gigs were mobster movies, because my understanding is that he's a real Godfather type to work with - he will get your shit done, and he will get it done by any means necessary. 

This feels like a good fit, and anything that pushes Mark Millar a little further to the sidelines is a good thing. Even though Vaughn and Millar are obviously tight, Vaughn's going to have Trank's back when it comes to Fantastic Four, and won't let Millar's weird delusional issues and bad ideas pollute things too much.