PEEPLES Trailer Is Hilariously Unfunny

The worst-named movie of the year finally gets a trailer.

This trailer advertises a rip off of Meet the Parents and utilizes a bunch of non-jokes designed to make people laugh merely as a pavlovian response to music cues and particular vocal tones. And yet it still manages to look more modern than an actual Tyler Perry movie.

What I'm trying to say is this: I don't think Peeples, as I guess we're going to call it, is going to add up to much of a Tyler Perry-caliber movie going experience. It will be awful, no doubt about it. But probably not Tyler Perry awful. More like awful by committee.

But Tyler Perry does exist on the outer edges of this film. The fact that we're calling this stupid thing Peeples attests to that, as do these two utterly bizarre character posters below. I may not be in love with the movie, but I'm in love with pretty much everything about the movie.