Coming To The Alamo: Badass Digest Presents BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA!

That's right, we're programming movies now!

I think being a movie programmer is the coolest job in the world. Turning people on to great movies is an incredible thrill, and getting to do it i an energetic, communal atmosphere is amazing. When Tim League first came to me to start Badass Digest, one of the things I wanted to make happen was to get a spot in the Alamo's programming calendar, a place where I could play movie programmer and show movies I loved. 

That time is finally here, and in March Badass Digest Presents launches in Alamo theaters across the country. Our first movie: Sam Peckinpah's underrated classic Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia. An intensely personal and kind of ugly movie, Alfredo Garcia sees Warren Oates playing Bennie, a Peckinpah-ish dissolute American living in Mexico. When a local crime lord places a bounty on the head of a gigolo, Bennie discovers the gigolo is already dead, and he hatches a scheme to recover the corpse's head and earn the reward money. Things go to shit. Violently to shit. 

Peckinpah is one of the great American filmmakers, and it's only been in recent decades that he's truly gotten his due. Alfredo Garcia is a movie that is still overshadowed by his bigger films, The Wild Bunch and Straw Dogs, but I think it's every bit as powerful and important as those two acknowledged classics.

And you'll be able to see it at an Alamo near you in March! Not every Alamo city has nailed down the dates yet, but it's playing at Kansas City on March 5th, Houston Vintage Park on March 10th and the Ritz in Austin on March 18th. Since I can't be at every screening, the Badass Digest Presents series will include video intros from me, talking about the movies we're playing, about the filmmakers we're honoring or just about the sorts of movies I love. 

A note: because the logistics of acquiring and shipping and maintaining multiple prints of a film like Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia, many of these screenings will be digital. Whenever possible we will have a film print playing, but if we only chose films that have multiple prints available we'd be picking from a pool of almost no movies whatsoever. 

I'll remind you guys of these screenings as we get closer to them. We have our April and May screenings locked in as well, and we're making plans for the rest of the year. As the Alamo expands in the coming months and year - opening theaters in Denver, San Francisco and New York City - we'll be bringing this screenings to more and more of you guys. 

Here's the show page. Like I said, as tickets go on sale in different cities I'll remind you. Kansas City tickets are available right now!