There May Soon Be A Third BOONDOCK SAINTS Film

This time, they finally make out with each other.

I have not seen a Boondock Saints film, mostly because I have seen a Boondock Saints trailer and the series' reputation basically confirms that the trailer I saw accurately sold the film. Sometimes I watch action films that are utter trash, it's true. But they usually at least have Steven Seagal or Dolph Lundgren in them. Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery, on the other hand, make me feel like I'm looking at Stephen Dorff with two different haircuts.

But some people really like these films. Writer-director Troy Duffy is a particularly big fan. Talking with IFC about The Walking Dead recently, one of the Boondock Saints, Norman Reedus, claims to have just returned from a meeting with Duffy and fellow Saint Sean Patrick Flanery regarding a third outing. According to the actor the hypothetical film is "definitely in the works."

This doesn't actually mean anything, but the series has a following, so it's not too hard to imagine a third film would be easy to finance. If the main guys involved want to make it happen, it'll probably happen.

I suppose when and if they do make this third Boondock Saints film, I'll have to finally break down and watch these movies. Especially if the third film ends up being the really crazy one. If it introduces a rival set of twins played by Stephen Dorff and Christian Slater, I'll be powerless against it.