Reports say the film is censored on VOD.

You've heard all of us fancy film festival types going on and on about it, and now you can finally see it: Leos Carax' masterpiece Holy Motors is now available on home video. But before you race off to iTunes or Amazon to order it on VOD, be warned:

Multiple reports indicate the version of the film offered on VOD is censored. Apparently an erect penis is being blurred in the VOD version of the movie. For some this is no big deal, but for me it's a matter of principle: I do not want to consume censored art. 

My understanding is that the Blu-ray release remains unblurred. My copy has not yet arrived, so I cannot personally confirm that. If you have a Blu copy and can check, let me know in the comments.

You should certainly see Holy Motors. I do wish the VOD version was intact so that you could rent this strange, beautiful, bizarre and overwhelming movie before committing to buying it, but sometimes you just gotta take the leap. Don't take my word for it - check out Film Crit Hulk's review!