New David Bowie Video Co-Starring Tilda Swinton Is A Must See

This is a huge improvement over the last one.

I'm not 100% sure what's going on in this music video for David Bowie's new song, "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)," but I like it a lot. I'm also very fond of arbitrary parentheses in song titles, so I'm happy to see that again as well.

The video features Bowie and fellow androgyny spokesperson Tilda Swinton as old married yokels who get haunted by their younger selves as well as their younger groupies. I think? Things get weird, and Swinton cuts a bunch of raw meat with an electric knife.

The song is not really loud or anything, but it's certainly more aggressive than "Where are We Now?" Bowie's first single from upcoming album The Next Day. The video has many great moments, but my favorite bit is the "Hump Day" discussion at the beginning where we casually learn not only when the video takes place but that Bowie and Swinton's characters totally got it on that morning.

The album comes out March 12, so you won't have to wait much longer to read a million articles calling it the greatest comback album ever recorded.