Proof Of Concept Trailer For A WONDER WOMAN Film Which Hopefully Never Exists

Why do fan films always look so much like fan films?

I wasn't going to say anything about this, but then I kept running into people (figuratively) who really think it's cool for some reason. They're insane.

Last night Latino Review exclusively put up this proof of concept trailer for a hypothetical Wonder Woman film directed by stuntman Jesse V. Johnson in hopes of getting enough Internet excitement behind the idea to force Warner Bros into letting him make the full thing. Luckily that's probably not going to happen. Warner Bros has been making a bunch of cowardly, boneheaded decisions regarding their DC properties lately, but making their Wonder Woman film a Captain America rip off starring what looks like a 98 lb divorced cocktail waitress isn't likely to be one of them.

To me, this feels indistinguishable from some kind of Mr. Show parody, right down to the "brilliant" casting of Peter Stormare as the film's villain. Or maybe he's a sub-villain and Timothy V. Murphy is the main bad guy. Whatever Stormare's role, he's certainly higher up in the ranks than the fella with the S.S. wife-beater who looks like something Frank Miller came up with as a joke.

I'm not sure which is my favorite part. The constant, tedious slow motion, the way the trailer ominously brings us from Nazi Germany to present day skyscrapers at the end, or that shot of Wonder Woman's ass hanging out of her ass-pants. An action role model for little girls everywhere.

Expect Jesse V. Johnson's Wonder Woman to hit theaters sometime early 2021.