Badass Giveaway: Win A SILVER CIRCLE Graphic Novel

The animated indie film hits theaters March 22, and you can win one of the tie-in graphic novels!

Silver Circle, the independent animated feature film from Two Lanterns Media, hits theaters in a nationwide tour starting March 22 in New York City. Here's a synopsis:

SILVER CIRCLE focuses on a group of Underground Rebels led by the charismatic Zoe Taylor (played by Philana Mia). Under Zoe’s leadership, the Rebels outmaneuver the oppressive Federal Reserve while creating a guerrilla currency based on silver. Following a HousStab (Dept. of Housing Stability) protest where one of the Rebels is killed, Zoe confronts a straight-laced federal agent: Jay Nelson (played by De'Lon Grant). While helplessly falling for the strident and beautiful rebel leader, he eventually begins to question his own allegiance to the Fed. Ultimately Jay must decide whether to remain loyal to the Fed or join forces with Zoe and the rebels to create a powerful strike against tyranny. Using a 50’s retro style animation to deliver romance, action and a serious political message, SILVER CIRCLE tackles the issue of monetary policy and the role of the Federal Reserve in a fun and unique way.  The film offers a dystopian vision of an America controlled by an all-powerful Federal Reserve.

Check out the trailer below, and then enter to win a copy of the tie-in graphic novel! Just email me at [email protected] with the subject line SILVER CIRCLE GIVEAWAY and your name and mailing address. The first five people will win a copy of the graphic novel!