Blatantly Unoriginal PLANES Gets A Blatantly Unoriginal Voice Actor

Dane Cook's gonna give your kids the Super Finger.

I learned of Planes for the first time just the other day. From what I can tell, the film is a blatant cash-in on the massive merchandising success of Pixar's Cars except perpetrated by DisneyToon Sudios rather than Pixar. Because a movie about planes with faces is below Pixar's level.

Disney must already know they have a film with no chance for critical good graces, so they went ahead and ripped off even Cars' use of severely hated stand-up comedian Larry the Cable Guy by filling their film with the slightly less universally hated Dane Cook.

Honestly, I can see why both guys would get voice acting work. They both have particular vocal patterns that lend themselves well to cartoon automobiles. But still, this is one of those coincidences that's too hard to ignore. Maybe if they make a Trains movie, the main engine will be voiced by Gallagher, who also, it must be said, would probably make a good voice actor.

Planes isn't even a DTV Disney film, by the way. It was supposed to be, but it got promoted. Now the film will come out in theaters this August. I never saw Cars 2 and was ordered to abandon the first Cars halfway through by a bored four year old. Dane Cook or no, I highly doubt I'll be seeing this one either. Unless all the planes crash at the end or something crazy like that. In that case: All my money. Here's a trailer.