Daniel Radcliffe May Play Igor In Max Landis’ FRANKENSTEIN

Rupert Grint was robbed.

According to Variety, Daniel Radcliffe is in "final talks" to play Igor in a new version of Frankenstein written by Max Landis and directed by Lucky Number Slevin director Paul McGuigan. The film will unfortunately be a period piece rather than some modern interpretation where the monster is, say, a prostitute put together with the body parts of other prostitutes, thus making him/her/it the ultimate prostitute.

That Radcliffe will be playing Igor rather than Frankenstein, the monster itself, or Elizabeth speaks to Landis' supposed radical interpretation of the story. That's good news, because this, like Dracula and the birth of Superman, is one story that really doesn't need any additional reiteration. We all know the deal, so you might as well shake things up a bit.

Hopefully this new Frankenstein will begin shooting this year. The sooner it's out, the sooner we can distinguish the hacks in our life by how often they make "Eye-Gore" jokes when the subject comes up.