New OBLIVION Trailer Surprisingly Great

Third time's the charm!

I've been really down on Oblivion because the two trailers we've seen so far have not only been boring in and of themselves but by pushing us through what feels like the whole plot in under three minutes, made the eventual film look excruciatingly boring as well.

This trailer, however, feels fresh and interesting, and actually makes me want to see the film whereas before, I was kind of dreading it. What's different, exactly? First off, for whatever reason, introducing us to Cruise's character while he's relaxing in his own Elysium Fields makes him much more likable than his unbelievable, pandering Super Bowl talk from the first trailer. His melancholy appears more genuine here and helps sell him as a character. His job is better defined, as well. Also, and I'm not the best judge of this sort of thing, but the effects work seems improved.

I'm still not completely sold on Oblivion. The sense that this will be an overly long movie to sit through still wafts from the plot-heavy trailer. But now I can at least entertain the hope that there's something worth seeing here. What do you guys think?