Your Grandma Will Love This CITIZEN TWAIN Tour Trailer

Val Kilmer is your off-Broadway huckleberry.

I'm sure you all have some familiarity with Val Kilmer's Mark Twain one man show, Citizen Twain. I've read interviews with him on the subject and seen a few pictures of him in costume, but until he tweeted this ad for some upcoming tour dates, I'd never actually seen what his performance consisted of.

I would totally pay money to see this. A lot of money, actually. But I also sense no small amount of the same awkward under-comedy that makes me such a big Madea fan. Excluding the "Twain-wreck" pun at the very beginning, none of these jokes rise above bald hokeyness and run of the mill Twain-isms. But I've watched it four times now regardless.

On top of that, there's Kilmer himself, who has gone from a heartthrob to an asshole to a wacky eccentric smart enough to star in both MacGruber and Herzog's Bad Lieutenant. He has a ponytail now and a bit of a gut, though this idea of "Fat Val Kilmer" is bullshit. If he's heavier with age, the trade-off is worth it. Middle-aged Kilmer seems twice as funny as my skinny friends and half as fat as my fat friends. (This is hyperbole, of course. I don't have any friends.)

More than anything, I'm excited to finally get a look at Citizen Twain in action. It's a very curious project, but Kilmer believes in it enough to pay for it himself, so maybe it's worth checking out, if only to support a guy who genuinely doesn't give a shit about Hollywood's definition of success.

By the way, Kilmer's twitter feed is really fun. I highly recommend it.