IRON MAN 3 Trailer Strikes The Right Tone

Tony and Iron Man get equal play in the full trailer for IRON MAN 3.

I like this trailer a lot. While there's plenty of BWAAAAAAMs and slo-mo flying dirt and marble-mouthed villainous monologues to appease the traditionalist, I like that it opens with a plain-spoken voiceover from an introspective Tony Stark, taking stock of his life, his love and his duty. The trailer feels personal and specific, like it couldn't be swapped out for any one of a dozen superhero movie trailers despite all of the buzz points it hits. 

We get some good looks at Rhodey/Iron Patriot and Aldrich Killian and The Mandarin, plus William Sadler as President and the Iron Man suit arsenal. My girl Pepper gets solid screentime, including a bra shot and a tragically gauche necklace gifted by Tony. There's a lot happening in this trailer, but it doesn't feel crammed with random action and non sequitur lines. It's nicely paced, and it tells a story. 

Iron Man 3 looks like it'll have some incredible action, but some real intimacy, too. Tony's trying to recover from the near-catastrophe of The Avengers, and it seems like we're getting a more thoughtful Tony Stark than we're used to from the past two films. I like the idea of that quite a bit.