Jon Stewart Missing 84 THE DAILY SHOWS To Make A Movie

Give or take twelve three-day weekends. And probably a few week-long breaks.

It often feels as though The Daily Show takes one week off for every two weeks they're on. And that's on top of the weekly vacation they take every friday. So the good news is that Jon Stewart's taking a hiatus from The Daily Show for twelve weeks to make a film probably won't matter all that much.

Stewart will direct a script he wrote called Rosewater, which is an adaptation of Then They Came For Me: A Family's Story of Love, Captivity and Survival, Maziar Bahari's account of a week covering Iran's 2009 presidential elections that turned into 118 days of imprisonment and torture at the hands of a man Bahari could only identify by the smell of rosewater.

So it's not a comedy. But that sort of makes sense. While The Daily Show is still unmistakably a funny program, it's comedy comes largely from a sense of verified moral outrage. You laugh, but more than that, you just take comfort in the fact that you're not the only who watches political news with your jaw on the floor. If you want to see a jokey joke-fest, wait for Colbert's inevitable film.

Stewart's hiatus will begin this summer. John Oliver will take over in his absence. So I probably won't watch it.