TOMB RAIDER Movie Reboot Could Be On The Way

This time, no more organic web shooters.

Today gamers finally got to play Square Enix's Tomb Raider reboot (I'll have to ask Alex, but I'm pretty sure it's just called Tomb Raider). This game does not star the voluptuous Kelly LeBrock version of Lara Croft we're used to, but a younger, far more visually vague take on the character. This is supposed to introduce Croft to a new generation of game fans, a generation notorious for rejecting recognizable faces, I guess.

With that in mind, Square Enix is working with GK Films to also reboot the Tomb Raider film franchise. Angelina Jolie was 26 when she first played Laura Croft, but now she's in her late 30s, and though they make exceptions for all male actors and Helen Mirren, people don't usually like aged ass-kickers.

So who will play the new Lara Croft? Personally, I hope they hire Jared Padalecki. Whoever it is, I'm sure they'll be chosen for their acting talents.

Honestly, I like this story mostly because it offers me a great excuse to post this hilarious video of Conan O'Brien playing the new game. Enjoy.