Where’s Your God Now: Anti-Gay, Anti-Rapping Teen Bigot

Do you dare listen to this hate-mongering teen as she attempts to rap about the perils of homosexuality?

Let's give this ignorant, hateful teenage girl one thing: she's not actually rapping, she's doing a poetry reading. She's not quite disrespecting hip hop, she's disrespecting poetry. Alan Ginsburg would be upset, I imagine.

This is another in a long line of bigoted anti-gay things that exist in the name of 'tolerance,' with the idea being that we're supposed to tolerate other people's intolerance. As if there's a moral Catch-22 involved here: "If I stop this person from dehumanizing others and denying their rights, I'll be just as bad as they are!" No, you won't. You'll be a hero. Nobody thinks the Allies treated the Nazis too harshly, you know.

I don't know why the religious right keeps trying to get across their message in art. They're awful at it, and nine times out of ten they're taking inspiration from artists whose lives would be anathema to everything in which they believe. Nobody ever accused these people of being smart, logical or of thinking their shit through all the way.

Does anybody else feel like we've turned a corner? Like a huge majority of this country woke up one day last year and simply realized that being anti-gay is stupid and pointless and fundamentally unAmerican? Woke up suddenly aware that there are no logical arguments against marriage equality? Culturally we've come to a place where this stuff is feeling as obvious as desegregation is now. These few remnants of regression will surely get louder as they see the end coming for them, but we've already won.

I hope this girl eventually understands how hurtful, gross and nasty her poem is. I hope she feels very, very badly about it for the rest of her life. And I almost wish God were real, because if He were, He'd be casting people like her into that Lake of Fire, not two guys who love and take care of each other.