MANIAC Remake Finally Gets An American Release Date

Biggest film of the summer?

It looks like the Elijah Wood-starring, first-person remake of Maniac finally has an American release date. Bloody Disgusting reports that the film will come out in some theaters and VOD platforms on June 21. That's the same day of World War Z's release. So you'll have a choice to make. Don't fuck it up.

If my opinion matters at all (and when it comes to horror films, I would consider it extremely suspect), Maniac is a genuinely good, unnerving film that makes exciting use of its first-person aesthetic. Elijah Wood is oddly more sympathetic than scary, which in and of it self is the scary part. You can read my review here.

We're actually getting it quite late here for some reason. Maniac opens in the UK on March 15. It's worth the wait, but that doesn't make the wait any more fun. Here's a NSFW red band trailer: