Martin Scorsese Joins WORLD WAR Z (Audio Book)

Listen to the great director read you a zombie book at the speed of cocaine.

Apparently the audiobook of World War Z is abridged, and in conjunction of the new movie that will be flopping this summer a more complete version is being released. First person accounts that were left out of the original version are being added in - about five hours' worth! - and some famous people are doing the voices.

One of whom us Martin Scorsese, the notoriously fast-talking genius. He'll be "Breck Scott, a corrupt pharmaceutical developer who sells the American public on a placebo he claims will cure the zombie disease." Also joining the voice cast are fan favorites Nathan Fillion, Simon Pegg, Frank Darabont and genre legend Common.

I don't listen to audiobooks - I can't stop associating them with illiteracy - but something like this is attractive to me. Since World War Z is all first person accounts, these would feel more like one-man radio plays than a guy reading for me.