Robert Rodriguez Weaponizes Another Female Body Part In MACHETE KILLS Poster

Wait'll you see what he does with a vagina in his next film! (Hint, he'll have a machine gun coming out of it).

I told myself I wouldn't cover Machete Kills because, frankly, who cares about Machete Kills. But then this poster debuted and I feel tasked to comment upon it. Following the replacement of Rose McGowan's leg with a machine gun in Planet Terror, now we have the replacement of Sofia Vergara's tits with... machine guns. I already made this joke in the subhead, but what's next, a vagina with a machine gun coming out of it? Probably.

We could go on about the sexist implications of this, but snore. What's really amazing is that not only is Rodriguez cribbing from himself, he's cribbing from Austin Powers as well, where the fembots have guns in their boobs too. How wild and crazy.