Louis C.K’s HBO Special, OH MY GOD, Gets A Funny Teaser

Great, now HBO will have to change the way they make commercials.

Louis C.K. has a big HBO comedy special coming out next month called Oh My God, and I'm sure it's going to be awesome and humble and filthy and funny. Because when is Louis C.K. not all of those things at the same time?

Here we have a teaser for the special in which Louis C.K. elevates his commercial to a comedy bit by basically deconstructing all other HBO event trailers in recent memory. It reminds me a lot of this commercial for Jerry Seinfeld's Comedian:

Here's what bothers me about this teaser: Has anyone else started to see Louis C.K.'s constant affability as kind of an affectation? It might just be me. My affectation radar is wildly oversensitive, so I'm willing to take a hit on this one.

Either way, I still love the guy, and this special does in fact qualify as "Must See TV," which is HBO's tagline, right? Right?