New STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Teaser Thankfully All About Kirk

Time for STAR TREK to stop selling the mass murder and start selling the FUN!

Hey, remember how most of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot-quel was actually sort of stupid but it didn't matter becuase the film was so well-cast and filled with fun chemistry? So does this teaser, which makes it different from most of the other promotional materials presented for this film so far.

The weird new Kirk-Spock-Bones trio gets a little action, but this is mostly about rebellious, hotheaded Kirk and how rebellious and hotheaded he is. That's good because large scale death and yet another take on The Joker might get people in seats, but it won't bring them back a second time if there are no characters likable enough to distract you from how much of this we've all seen before.

We should be getting a bigger, fuller, trailer soon, but until then you can gnaw on this. Personally, it makes me want to see the film way more than any of the other trailers have.