SCHOOL OF THRONES Reimagines GAME OF THRONES As High School Melodrama

They may have a better Stannis and Renly than the actual show.

I love stuff like this when it's well done, and this one is well done. Combining Game of Thrones' multi-sided war to be king of Westeros with a high school popularity contest is the kind of obviously brilliant idea you only come up after someone way smarter than you came up with it first.

I imagine they'll find a way to metaphorically include the show's crazy sex and violence as they continue. But even if they don't, the writing is knowledgable and sharp enough to please fans. It may omit tons of characters and oversimplify what they do use, but it's done with enough accuracy to make me miss the real show. Plus the opening credit sequence is amazing.

School of Thrones is an ongoing web series which offers new episodes each Sunday here. I don't know how long it will continue, but I look forward to catching it each week, if only to see who they add or omit as the story continues. You just know some serious shit is going to go down at prom, guys.