New Photographic Evidence That MAN OF STEEL Has Lois Lane In It

In fact, the whole film is her SUCKER PUNCH dance.

Yesterday an ugly scan of the new Total Film cover hit the Internet. The photo is exciting because it shows Lois Lane standing in front of a basketball shaped like Superman. Now we have a version that doesn't look awful.

Along with pretty much all Metropolis stuff, Lois Lane has not been featured prominently in Man of Steel's promotional materials. One would be forgiven for forgetting she's in the movie at all. A wordless shot or two in a trailer hardly indicates the inevitable love story which I assume will be important to the film, not to mention the small matter of Clark Kent's employment and affected persona as a nerd rather than some bearded crab fisherman.

Hopefully that does not reflect the film itself. Amy Adams is brilliant Lois Lane casting, and it'd be a shame for her character to go to waste in favor of heartbreaking shots of wheat blowing gently upon a Kansas breeze. Her prominence in this photo helps alleviate this concern somewhat, while also bringing out the worst of Supe's new costume. YOU JUST CANNOT MAKE ME HAPPY, MOVIE.