New AFTER EARTH Poster Has Something On Its Shirt

See the film projected onto the Smith Family's torsos!

Sony just released this snazzy new poster for After Earth, yet another piece of promotional material that downplays poor M. Night Shyamalan's involvement.

I kind of like the first poster better, which was little more than a nice shot of Will Smith Jr. standing on his broken ship, taking in a whole poster's worth of fog filled forestry and thinking, "Shit. I gotta walk through all that."

This new one's not bad. It's basically the same as the first except projected onto Will Smith and Will Smith Jr.'s chests. They'd be crazy to stick with a Will Smith-free promotional concept, and they seem to really love that shot of Jr. standing on the spaceship. So this appears to be the very soul of compromise.

I'm getting totally excited to see this one, by the way. Between After Earth and Oblivion, I have higher hopes for the former. I can't be the only one, can I?