Behold a Literal Game of Horse in This Week’s Holy Hunter of SXSW Music Videos

April brings us a SXSW edition of Holy Hunter: the best of the fest!

Culling the choicest from a vast landscape of genres and visual styles, SXSW Music Videos are precisely the best of both worlds. Because as relaxing as it sounds, the Fader Fort is, for lack of a better definition, an unrespited place. Shoo-in selections that weren’t featured here previously are as follows:

Filmed on the streets of Philadelphia, British drum and bass quartet Rudimental provide the soundtrack as director Bob Harlow sheds fascinating light on the city’s one-hundred year old Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club (featured on This American Life). And multiple viewings later I am Linda Richman levels of verklempt.

Right down to the candlestick holder, Mikhael Paskalev’s “I Spy” is black, whities and Risky Business all over. Undisputed favorite Andre Chocron directed the gem for which my in-the-dark scribbled note - “so much junk” - requires little elucidation. In all seriousness, there’s actually much more to it than that ol’ thing.

The heartrending video for UK singer-songwriter Keaton Henson’s “Small Hands” is stuffed here smack-dab in the middle of a joy sandwich for your own good. And the puppeteering virtuosos over at Blinkink are to blame (read: applaud) for “something in my eye” around the 2:28 mark. Joseph Mann is at the helm and filed under must-watch directors.

Shot in a pocket-sized studio with three beams projected on dual walls and one floor, 3D animations realized by director Filip Sterckx come to absolute life as Pieter-Jan Van Den Troost, frontman of the Belgian indie six-piece Willow, seamlessly travels from bedroom to outer space by way of imagination (and sometimes treadmill).

Director Peter Sluszka alongside UK-based Moones bulldoze the music video scene with the overachieving inclusion of live-action, stop-motion, pixilation, claymation and puppetry in their video for the catchy “Better Energy." A lot can happen when your band is marooned on an iceberg with a shotgun wielding feline -- that massage gift certificate I received on Valentine’s Day will collect dust until I know it can be performed by a licensed penguin.