Tom Hooper Could Direct Sacha Baron Cohen’s Freddie Mercury Movie

Would this be a good or bad thing?

With all the pain in the world today, it's easy to forget that Sacha Baron Cohen wants to make a Freddie Mercury biopic, a movie that would have to try pretty hard to not be at least a little awesome.

Nothing has really been going on with the film for a while, but today Deadline has word that none other than Les Miserables and The King's Speech director Tom Hooper might take directing duties on the project. Might.

For all the talk of Les Miserables' over-direction, that kind of hyper lack of restraint might be appropriate for a film about one of the most flamboyant and talented rock singers of all time. Normally, Tom Hooper's name would be a roadblock a film has to overcome. Here it might really be an asset.

On the other hand, this does bring up a question regarding this biopic's tone. Not that I think this will go down as one of Sacha Baron Cohen's all-out comedy films, but I do expect his involvement to affect its mission statement somewhat. Hooper, however, indicates a yearning for award prestige, which is another direction entirely. I love Cohen and think he's a performer who's talents have yet to be fully taken advantage of. I'd hate to lose him to Oscar baiting this early on.

Of course, none of this is concrete yet. It's all still just talk. Nevertheless, this is going to be an interesting project to follow as it develops.