Alamo Littleton Grand Opening Featuring Devin Doing A Q&A With Pam Grier!

In the Denver area? The new Alamo Drafthouse is opening with a special Pam Grier Q&A hosted by your faithful Badass-in-chief. Plus: more info on opening week festivities!

This weekend I'm flying to Denver to attend the grand opening of the Alamo Littleton, outside of Denver, and to host a Q&A with screen legend Pam Grier. Am I nervous? You bet. Am I excited? Even more than I am nervous. 

I think it's going to be pretty cool and if you're anywhere in the area you should get your butt out to the theater. I'd love to meet as many Denver/Littleton area readers as possible, and I'd love to get beers and have laughs and make magical memories with you all as we break in this new theater.

After we do this Pam Grier event, Alamo Littleton is going to begin a week of signature programming just to give the locals a taste of what the Alamo is all about. It's a terrific line-up:

Thursday, April 4th
7:00PM- Denver Film Society presents: UPSTREAM COLOR

Friday, April 5th
7:00PM- Action Pack: THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along

Saturday, April 6th
11:00AM- Free Family Fun: FANTASTIC MR. FOX

7:00PM- Cinema Cocktails: SOME LIKE IT HOT

10:00PM- Action Pack: TOTALLY 80s Sing-Along

Sunday, April 7th
11:00AM- Free Family Fun: FANTASTIC MR. FOX

7:00PM- THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY Spaghetti Western Dinner

Monday, April 8th
7:00PM- Tough Guy Cinema: ROBOCOP

Tuesday, April 9th
7:30PM- Oskar Blues Beer Dinner: THE JERK

Wednesday, April 10th
7:00PM- Girlie Night: DIRTY DANCING

Thursday, April 11th
7:00PM- Action Pack: ANCHORMAN Quote-Along

Every single one of those things is worth going to! 

Click here to buy your tickets to the Pam Grier Q&A. It's going to be great.

And click here to buy tickets to all the other amazing opening week festivities. I wish I could stay for the whole thing. I want to go to The Jerk dinner so badly - they're serving pizza in a cup.

PS - here's a secret. They're doing staff training now. You can get cheap admission to cool movies RIGHT NOW if you don't mind putting up with a staff who is just learning the ropes. I think it's a great deal.