New DESPICABLE ME 2 Trailer Illustrates Why It Was Okay To Skip The First One

Does even this animated film series have its ardent defenders?

I did not see the original Despicable Me. In fact, I have almost no knowledge about it at all. But I feel as thought this third trailer for Despicable Me 2 tells me everything I need to know about why I didn't miss anything special.

From what I can see, Despicable Me is a movie starring CG Uncle Fester as a James Bond villain who somehow adopts some cute children and hangs out with talking Cheetos. The joke is that he has ray guns that do funny things.

Now that he has his family and Cheetos in place, Part 2 can focus on other things, namely a group of uptight jerks who fights super villains. But when a super villain too scary and dangerous to put in this trailer emerges, they call upon Mr. Despicable Me to save the day. See, he not only thinks like a super villain, but they also know he's a gigantic pussy.

If I'm being too hard on the Despicable Me series, go ahead and let me know in the comments. To me, the misguided, cheesy use of Eminem in the trailer automatically justifies all negativity.