THE COLONY Trailer Looks Like Possible B-Movie Fun

If nothing else, watch Bill Paxton finally return to his whiny tough guy roots.

When it comes to movies this year that take place in our future Ice Age, most eyes are likely to be on Joon-ho Bong's Snowpiercer, or possibly on DVD copies of The Day After Tomorrow. Or maybe even a taped from television VHS version of Robert Altman's kind of atrocious Quintet.

But maybe you should spare an eye or two for The Colony, if this trailer is any indication. There's a definite DTV streak on display here, but I'm all for a film where an actually heroic Laurence Fishburne and a "Game over, man!" Bill Paxton do battle with weird starving zombie things in sub-zero temperatures. Plus, it has Death from Supernatural in it.

Apparently the film will hit Canadian theaters on April 12. Its American release date is a bit harder to pin down, other than a vague 2013. IMDB has its American release date listed at April 12, but I don't think that's accurate. This strikes me as a Redbox rental, but I'd totally see it in the theater if I could.

Here's the international poster. It's snowy: