Whoa: Lynne Ramsay Quits JANE GOT A GUN On Day One Of Shooting

The director is a no-show on the first day of her new movie.

It had been nine years between Morvern Callar and We Need to Talk About Kevin, so Lynne Ramsay getting on to Jane Got A Gun seemed like an almost sudden move. We were excited! Ramsay was working again, and she had a killer cast - it eventually shook out to include Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton and Jude Law. The movie, written by Brian Duffield, is about a woman whose outlaw husband comes home, riddled with bullets, more gunmen on his trail. She must turn to an ex-boyfriend to help her defend her home. 

The film was supposed to start production yesterday... but Ramsay didn't show up to work. Deadline is reporting there was some 'acrimony' behind the scenes, but it's unclear what exactly happened. The producers are apparently working on getting a new director ASAP, with the actors hanging around and rehearsing and the crew still getting paid. 

This is some legendary shit - I can't think of many other instances of a director just walking on the first day of shooting. Will she come back? Is this all a power play? Is a move like this too big from which to recover? Is this going to make Ramsay persona non grata in Hollywood? The myth of Lynne Ramsay grows.