Brett Ratner’s HERCULES Will Be Wrinkly As Hell

Nothing makes a film look important like aged Europeans.

Brett Ratner and The Rock's Hercules film has been casting its demigod ass off lately. The film added Headhunters' Askel Hennie to the cast a while back. And yesterday it landed Rufus Sewell (the good guy in Dark City and the bad guy in everything else).

Today The Wrap reports that Ian McShane and John Hurt (or one of his clones) will also appear in the film, as will fellow American Horror Story: Asylum MVP Joseph Fiennes.

Little by little, this is becoming a film I must see. The deal breaker is the story angle, which sees a retired Hercules hooking up with a team of badasses to take down some really evil guy. I am especially fond of films which feature teams of badasses. I'm not much for Brett Ratner, but this is good enough casting that I might still go see the film regardless of potential disappointment.

Besides, guys like Ian McShane and John Hurt are actors dedicated to their craft. They don't just jump into any old movie that comes their way. It's more like every other movie.