Houston! Join Me For BEVERLY HILLS COP This Sunday At The Alamo

In 35mm, part of our Badass 101 series!

This Sunday! At 6:30pm at Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park, head programmer Robert Saucedo and I are gonna be disturbing the peace with our newest Badass 101 screening, Beverly Hills Cop. I am JAZZED. I'm stoked, I'm psyched, I'm just burnin', doing the neutron dance. 

I legit want to wear one of those Pointer Sisters ensembs to the screening, but my wardrobe isn't half amazing enough. 

Okay, I love this movie. It's from the height of the Eddie Murphy golden years, after 48 Hrs. and Trading Places but before Coming to America and Harlem Nights. (Yeah, and The Golden Child was in there somewhere.) Axel Foley is my kind of hero, a wise-crackin', street smart cop who doesn't play by the rules! Beforehand we've arranged a fairly magnificent "put the banana in the tailpipe" game for you, and we have some other surprises in store, too. Mainly beer. Beer surprises. So don't be embarrassed if your dick gets hard, okay? Your dick is supposed to get hard. That's the whole object of this.

Get your tickets here! And if you show up, come over and say hi! I love meeting BAD guys in the wild.