This Luckdragon Could Be Yours

A fuzzy little Falkor to scare the bullies in your life.

Today my friend Jerry bemoaned the absence of stuffed Falkor toys available among the riches of other Neverending Story merch (no, just kidding, there appears to be very little licensed Neverending Story merchandise), so I did some Etsy browsing and found this guy. And I want him so baaaad. 

He's needle-felted, which is a way of texturing and molding wool into adorable shapes, and I love how perfect his face is. Falkor's friendly, open countenance is what I've always loved best about him. 

Well, that and the fact that he can fly, grant wishes and terrify your bullies. He's like this badass, flying, magic dogdragon who also happens to be pleasantly avuncular. 

Also, he is $125. So, you know, he'd better actually grant wishes. 

Okay, now it's Neverending Story Etsy spiral time (pictures link to the product pages if you're into buying some of this business):

I'd wear this?

This is a Kindle cover.


Childlike Empress-inspired headdress.

Artaaaaaax! Now I'm just sad.