RIDDICK Teaser Is Monster-riffic

And also very short.

Vin Diesel just revealed this first teaser for the upcoming Riddick on his deeply inspirational Facebook page, and the little it shows us looks a bit better than I expected, mostly thanks to the creatures on display. Not that they look super good. I'm just happy they're there at all. We met Riddick in a monster movie, after all, so it's nice to get a return to that corner of the genre.

Unfortunately, we also get a tired bit from Riddick himself about how dangerous he is, a threat which likely comes just before someone undoes his chains and watches in horror as Riddick nurses a litter of kittens while donating $100,000,000 Riddick Buxxx to Greenpeace.

Still, you gotta find your fun where you can. The shot of Riddick killing a weird dragon thing, ala Conan the Barbarian and the vulture, sells my ticket. Not that I wasn't going to see this anyway.

One additional note: The trailer ends with an R-rating for "Strong violence, language and some sexual content/nudity." That's all very exciting until you realize the nudity will be shots of Vin Diesel's buttocks, and the sexual content is just what the MPAA calls it whenever Vin Diesel speaks.