ENDER’S GAME Teaser Poster Not Totally Weightless

So much better than those WOLVERINE posters.

Here's the first teaser poster for the upcoming Ender's Game adaptation. It shows off the zero gravity battle room, which, if my memory of that book is accurate (probably not), is where the kids do their most awesome training: Some kind of Laser Tag Quidditch game called Space Cricket. You'll have to let me know later how much of that I made up.

Anyway, I'm guessing the ass this poster asks us all to gawk at belongs to Ender himself. All the other kids are played by Harrison Ford, I believe.

What a day so far. Gavin Hood directed X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a movie everyone hates. The next Wolverine movie is supposed to be better. But it just got two of the most ass-tastic posters in recent memory, while Mr. Hood's next gets something that, while certainly not beautiful, doesn't look half bad. How am I supposed to know where to direct my hate?