Pepper Potts Dons The Suit In New IRON MAN 3 International TV Spot

It can't be a spoiler if it's in an ad, right?

This new TV spot for Iron Man 3 confirms something we've all been suspecting: Pepper Potts will wear an Iron Man outfit at some point. Actually, this whole trailer revolves around the event, and it all looks pretty badass to me.

I am so curious about this film. We've seen a lot of footage through all these ads, but I get the feeling we've hardly seen anything at all, particularly when it comes to The Mandarin and Guy Pearce's character.

It's very clear, however, that Tony Stark is going through a rough time in the film, while also developing the ability to shoot his suit at himself and loved one(s) (and control an army of Iron Men with his brain). Plus, there are strong indications that he'll end the film going into outer space.

I have faith, but that seems like a lot of movie for just one go. Hopefully it's not a rushed, overstuffed yet weightless mess glided over with wise-ass remarks and a perfectly sculpted goatee. We'll find out soon!

Hey! While we're at it, check out this action packed domestic TV spot: