Two Violently Hideous Posters For THE WOLVERINE

AUGHHHHH! *snikt snikt*

Clearly, these are both bad. Everything else aside, that vein-popping, bellowing, dead-eyed on both knees look for Hugh Jackman only serves to remind that he shout-acted his way through X-Men Origins: Wolverine in lieu of an actual performance. 

But then there's this, which is just so stupidly ugly that it feels like a personal affront.

Like, who do they think we are that we'll accept this?! How dare they. I guess in concept it's okay, but this floating, glowing, bulging torso will not stand. Literally, because it has no legs.

I feel like all of those ninjas are giving us the side-eye, throwing shade our way for being the kind of mindless consumers who allow such a visual assault in our marketing materials. Especially this guy:

Anyway, we've gotten one pretty cool poster and one not-offensive poster, so I will choose to consider those my The Wolverine one-sheets and forget that these two abominations even exist.

Update: Director James Mangold just tweeted a teaser of tomorrow's 20 second teaser for Wednesday's complete teaser (ughh, and I'm serious here.) using Vine. It looks cool enough, for a video that's 6 and a half seconds long.