THE GOLDEN GIRLS On Marriage Equality

This was 22 years ago, mind.

And herein lies the reason I've always loved The Golden Girls. Forget that it's hilarious (it is), remarkably feminist (that too) and far ahead of its time in terms of writing (yep) - this show was decades ahead of itself on social issues, standing up in its own quiet, funny way for women's rights, racial equality and LGBT tolerance, with plotlines on abortion, menstruation, cross-dressing, gay marriage and far more, all masked in a cozy, nonthreatening humor that never alienated audiences.

Today the Supreme Court hears arguments on Prop 8, the California referendum that banned same sex marriages, and tomorrow they'll hear arguments on DOMA, the federal law defining marriage between a man and a woman. We likely won't hear the court's rulings until June, but it's still a big week in the fight for marriage equality. It's March 26, 2013, and that fight is still an upward battle. 

The episode from which this clip hails, "Sister of the Bride," aired January 12, 1991. Twenty-two years ago, and Sophia Petrillo, arguably the least earnest of The Golden Girls, states with simplicity what should be a manifest truth and yet still isn't considered as such: people in love should be able to honor that love with a legal commitment.

"Everyone wants someone to grow old with, and shouldn't everyone have that chance?"

The answer is yes. Everyone should.