ATLAS SHRUGGED 3 Does Not Give A Fuck About You Or Your Hatred For ATLAS SHRUGGED

It WILL be the most profitable franchise ever, goddammit.

The first two Atlas Shrugged films didn't do well, financially or critically. They didn't even have the same cast members. Most people don't even know they came out.

That's too bad. It's not the series' fault that more people in this country are poor than not, and poor people are too stupid to understand quality filmmaking. The unwashed masses of America would rather spend their money on low hanging dreck like Django Unchained.

But one day, these morons will all be dead and those left behind will want to watch good movies like Left Behind. Then, humanity will come crawling back to Atlas Shrugged. You'll see. Or maybe you won't see. Because you won't be there.

Thus, it would be stupid for highly optimistic producers John Agliarolo and Harmon Kaslow to sit on the book rights and not pump out as many Atlas Shrugged movies as possible. It's basically like printing future money. With that in mind: hereth cometh Atlas Shrugged Part 3.

Atlas Shrugged Part 3 is moving forward toward reality because winners never quit, winners never say die, and winners never awknowledge defeat. I see this mentality at work all the time on trashy Reality Television shows, and I'm pretty sure it works since those fuckers are on TV, and you're at home wishing you had more Facebook friends. 

The film will be written by Brian O'Toole and Duncan Scott, both of whom helped write Part II. So there will be some artistic continuity happening. No director is attached yet, but… maybe Spielberg?

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

Atlas Shrugged Part 3 takes place in a dystopian U.S. where government regulation and high taxes have stifled the economy. Bureaucrats blame society's ills on those who are most successful, so the hard-working entrepreneurs participate in a bizarre "strike," orchestrated -- perhaps -- by a mysterious figure known as "John Galt."

Oh God, that sounds so good. I really can't wait to watch this whole trilogy in one go and learn to hate my broke ass.