Exclusive YOU’RE NEXT Image As We Count Down To The Trailer!

YOU'RE NEXT is actually coming. An exclusive image and a message from director Adam Wingard!

The wait is over! You're Next came out of hibernation at SXSW, where I finally saw it. Months of hype can be damaging to a film (I know someone who has a You're Next inspired tatttoo), but You're Next totally works. I liked it A LOT. My review is still forthcoming, but know that this is a movie that delivers in terms of fun, scares, gore and laughs. 

For director Adam Wingard the release must be a pretty huge relief. Lionsgate has supplied us with this explosive quote from him:

“Lionsgate has blown my mind with the outstanding trailer they've cut together. I can’t wait for everyone to see it on iTunes tomorrow. It’s really happening, You're Next is coming soon to theaters!”

You'll be able to see the trailer yourself tomorrow at 10am Pacific. I hope they cut a good one, because this movie deserves it. The exclusive image, above, is from a particularly great scene where the mysterious, animal-masked home invaders who are killing off a family one by one gain entry to the house, but are unprepared for the sort of resistance they find within.